RSI Services

RSI is your One Stop Supplier for all your
Small Business Computing needs!

Whether your company is brand new with no systems, expanding or outsourcing your existing systems, or need a Consultant to advise your partial or fully staffed IT department, we can fill your needs. We prefer to provide Linux, and Open Source Software where we can, but will be happy to provide you with, and maintain, Commercial Operating Systems and Application Software where needed, or requested.

Meeting with you and your staff, will allow us to structure our services to fit your unique environment. We would like to list some of our services below:

Design, Specification, Procurement, Installation, Configuration, Administration, Monitoring, Maintenance for the following:

(Certain items are wholly, or partially sub-contracted to specialists. In all cases, RSI will consult with, and monitor all outsourcing.):

Data Center

  • Data Center Build-Out, Rack Systems, etc...
  • Environmental, HVAC (Sub-contracted to Installation Specialists)
  • Power Conditioning, and Backup UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Cabling for Voice and Data, (Sub-Contracted)
  • Data Center Equipment, Patch Panels, Routers, Switches, Hardware Firewalls, etc...
  • Servers, for File, Web, Application, Print, Routers, and others
  • Server O/S, and other Server based software, (Linux, Windows, Novell Netware)
  • Tape Backup Systems, Drives, Auto-loaders, Libraries, Tapes, Software
  • Security, both Physical and Data (Sub-Contracted)
  • Virus, Spyware/Adware, spam -- Prevention, Detection, and Removal
  • Internet Service Provider Contracting
  • Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, DNS, etc...
  • Web Development, (Sub-Contracted)


  • Desktop, and Notebook Computers
  • Trading System Monitors (Bloomberg, and others)
  • Local Printers, Plotters, and other Output Devices
  • Local Scanners, Graphic Tablets, and other Input Devices
  • Screen Readers, and other Equipment for the Impaired User
  • Other Required Equipment connected to local computers
  • Equipment Diagnostics, Maintenance, Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Diagnostics, Replacement, Data Recovery
  • System Rebuilds after Hard Drive crash

Other Networked Devices

  • Networked Printers, (Color & B&W)
  • Networked Copy Machine (Large Volume Networked Printing)
  • Networked Fax Machine
  • Networked Security


  • O/S Installation, Security Updates, Configuration, Licence Monitoring
  • Applications & Utilities, Installation, License Monitoring
  • Application Training, (Sub-Contracted)

System Administration

  • On-Site Administration of Hardware and Software,
    scheduled to maximize uptime during business hours.
  • Remote Administration, 24/7 Availability
  • Automated alerts from client systems sent to RSI staff 24/7

Voice Systems

  • Office Phone Systems, Switches, Voice Mail Systems
  • Trading Desk Phone Systems
  • Cell Phone Systems
  • Telephone Company Negotiations and Consulting

If there is any Equipment, Software, or Services that are not listed here, we will work with you to provide it.

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RSI agrees with NOT using proprietary "protocols", or proprietary "standards".

We support these Open Standards, and others when implementing this website, as well as our client's systems. The icons below represent the Open Standards that this website has been validated against.

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